Service that Matters!

Our Services

Door to Door Rides

We take every step necessary to make sure, you have a reliable and safe ride. Unlike some other apps, we have actual people, over seeing the quality of our service to make certain you get to your destination on time.

Delivery Services

From meals to large appliances we deliver, with guaranteed deliver times and insurance coverage for your packages.

Corporate Accounts

Are you tired of carrying taxi receipts or hassling to find a ride for your clients? Sign-up with Koach and leave the worries behind. We can charge you on a trip basis, or periodically. Having access to trips gateway, allows you to view all the rides in your corporation and email or print necessary documents.

Para-Transit Friendly!

Koach is designed to ensure our handicapped and visually impaired customers have the same level of service as everyone else.

A Ride For Every Occasion

Whether its everyday commute, going to prom, dining out or a reception, we have the ride for you.

Multiple Ways To Pay

We accept cash, cards and corporate payments, you can even use different cards for different rides.