What is Koach?

Koach is more than ride sharing! It is the result of multiple services coming together to provide individual customers, government agencies, businesses and organizations, a unique solution for all their transportation needs. We help people move from feeling trapped due to lack of reliable transportation to a renewed sense of freedom, flexibility and improved quality of life.

What Makes Koach Different?

We offer 24/7 live customer support, no booking or surcharge fees and a variety of payment options (Cash, Debit/Credit, Vouchers, Corporate Accounts). The combination of our fleet of Economy Cars, Luxury Sedans, Vans, Limousines, Regular and Wheelchair Accessible Taxies, accompanied by the experience of our professional drivers, ensures our customers have the best transportation experience.

Features That Matter

Why We Think Koach is Different!

One App for Everything Logistics

Use Koach for all your needs

Now you can use one app for all your transportation and logistics needs

Voucher Customers Can Use Koach

All inclusives

For the first time, voucher customers can also  use an app without any hassle of prepayment.

One Tap Reservation

Reserve your ride with one tap!

Instead of going through multiple menus, reserve your ride with one tap.

Easy Social Sharing

Share and Earn

You can share Koach with friends and family and earn money to use for your rides, or pass it to clients, family or friends and let them use it.

Handicapped Friendly

Equality matters

Koach is handicapped accessible and can also be used by the visually impaired.

Step by Step Notification

Get Updates Every Step of The Way!

Service that Matters!

Our Services

Door to Door Rides

We take every step necessary to make sure, you have a reliable and safe ride. Unlike some other apps, we have actual people, over seeing the quality of our service to make certain you get to your destination on time.

Delivery Services

From meals to large appliances we deliver, with guaranteed deliver times and insurance coverage for your packages.

Corporate Accounts

Are you tired of carrying taxi receipts or hassling to find a ride for your clients? Sign-up with Koach and leave the worries behind. We can charge you on a trip basis, or periodically. Having access to trips gateway, allows you to view all the rides in your corporation and email or print necessary documents.

Para-Transit Friendly!

Koach is designed to ensure our handicapped and visually impaired customers have the same level of service as everyone else.

A Ride For Every Occasion

Whether its everyday commute, going to prom, dining out or a reception, we have the ride for you.

Multiple Ways To Pay

We accept cash, cards and corporate payments, you can even use different cards for different rides.

Koach Economy

$350Minimum Fare
  • $1.15 Per Mile
  • $0.17 Per Minute

Koach Lux

$700Minimum Fare
  • $ 3.50 Per Mile
  • $0.40 Per Minute

Koach SUV

$500Minimum Fare
  • $1.35 Per Mile
  • $0.17 Per Minute

Koach WAV

$1500 Minimum Fare
  • $3.00 Per Mile
  • $0.30 Per Minute

Koach Taxi

Free Rides for Washington Capital Fans !

So much fun!  While celebrating victory with the Washington Capitals fans, we were happy to help the community by supplying free rides. Chris a fan stated ” A free ride! This is perfect. Its hot man… had a few beers &  I’m ready to get home”.  Koach partners/drivers gave the fans exactly what they needed. A safe & comfortable ride back home.

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Android – http://bit.ly/KOACHFORANDROID

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